We are living in a world where technology has enabled innovative ways for us to connect and interact with other people, personalize our needs, and express ourselves. However, it becomes concerning when the operations of the complex technology like AI can lead to the emergence of new forms of  social problems such as discrimination, inequality, unfair treatment, and so on, and those projects how certain groups of people are better-served by AI while others are alienated and left-behind. These emerging problems need to be discussed not only at a high industrial and policy levels, but also from the our level- the citizens because our voice matters in making AI serve our needs and for the common good and not going against anyone of us. 

Concerning the importance of civic involvement in AI, FARI Brussels Conference has a great pleasure to welcome Hinda Haned to be our speaker on the topic of “Civic Involvement in AI in the city”. Hinda will be representing the Civic AI Lab as the scientific co-director to provide her expertise and insights on this topic. Hinda is also the founder of Owls & Arrows, a company specialized in Algorithmic auditing as well as is the professor at the University of Amsterdam, and her research focuses on fair, transparent, and accountable AI. 

Civic AI Lab is a research lab for civic-centered and community-minded design, development, and deployment of AI technology. It is collaboration between the City of Amsterdam, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and the University of Amsterdam. 

Are you curious how you can play a role in making AI serve the Common Goods in your city? We will  have a discussion on that. Come and join us at FARI Brussels Conference in Bozar this July. 

Writer: Sokcheng Thai, FARI student collaborator

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