AI, a Public Good?

The FARI Conference 2024 is set to return on November 18 at the Studio Flagey in Brussels.

This annual event, known for its commitment to fostering collaboration and innovation in technology and research on AI, Data and Robotics, promises to provide a platform for networking, learning, and idea exchange.










AI, a Public Good? 

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is at the forefront of societal discussion, sparking excitement, curiosity, and concern. With advancements in AI, Data, and Robotics, questions about their ethical and societal impacts are growing.

With this in mind, the FARI Conference aims to provide a platform for critical inquiry for stakeholders from various sectors to engage in dialogue and collaboration. Are these technologies developing in a socially acceptable and sustainable direction? How do we make sure AI helps everyone, and not just a few? Is there such a thing as AI, Data and Robotics for Public Good?

Who should participate?

Conference Highlights


Scientists and experts will have the opportunity to network with peers and contribute to discussions and advancements in the field of AI, data processing, and robotics research.

Administrators and policy makers

Administrators will gain insights and resources to assess AI, data, and robotics in public services, enhancing their work. They will also learn about informed policy-making for Europe's economic competitiveness and societal well-being.


Entrepreneurs will explore how private innovations can lead to public benefits, considering factors like regulation, collaboration, and corporate social responsibility.


Citizens will delve into AI's impact on Europe's economy and society, discussing its creative and societal implications. It is a chance to connect with experts and find answers to pressing questions.

Conference Schedule

The FARI Brussels Conference agenda is continuously being updated and improved to give you the best and most insightful conference experience.

Morning Breakout Sessions:

Session 1:   Assessing AI, Data, and Robotics in Public Service Missions

Session 2:   From Private Innovation to Public Benefit—Conditions for Real Positive Impact

Session 3:   Can AI, Data and Robotics Research be Open and Accessible to All? Exploring the challenges.

Afternoon Breakout Sessions:

Session 4:   AI for Europe: A Critical Need for Today and Tomorrow

Session 5:   Working Together: How Citizens, Companies, Governments, and Researchers should Help Shape AI, Data and Robotics

Session 6:   Creative Futures: Envisioning AI's Role in Culture, Arts, and Society

Registration is open.

Save the date: November 18, 2024.


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FARI – AI for the Common Good Institute is a non-profit university institute on AI, data and robotics focused on the Common Good. We are jointly initiated by two Brussels universities (VUB & ULB) – uniting interdisciplinary expertise across 10 research groups on AI, data, robotics, social sciences, ethics, and law.  

We do research and build bridges with public administrations, industry, and citizens, promoting sustainable AI, data & robotics with a focus on urban and public priority domains such as health, mobility, sustainable robotics, climate and energy, participatory and inclusive society. 

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