Benjamin Prud’homme, Executive Director of AI For Humanity, Mila – Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute, will talk about AI for Humanity and how a world-renowned center in AI fundamental research can contribute socially this July 5-6 at the FARI Brussels Conference!

Mila was founded in 1993 with a mission to use artificial intelligence and machine learning for the greater good. Focusing on the fundamental values of well-being, respect for autonomy, protection of privacy and intimacy, solidarity, democratic participation, equity, diversity, inclusion, prudence, responsibility, and sustainable development, its core mission is to contribute to the social dialogue and the development of applications that will benefit society. 

Mila’s mission is to be a global pole for scientific advances that inspire innovation and the development of AI for the benefit of all — a mission that FARI also stands for. (Trivia: the very conception of FARI started when the rectors of Vrije Universiteit Brussel and Université libre de Bruxelles attended a Mila conference!)

Join us to know more, as we shape the future of AI in Brussels and beyond together!

Writeup by: Kainaat Maqbool, FARI Student Collaborator

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